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Financial Services

Resident Contract
Upon admission, the Resident and Family member will be provided with a copy of the Resident Accommodation Agreement. The Resident/Family is asked to meet with the Office Manager to discuss the contract and the room rate that the Resident will be paying.

If the Resident is requesting a subsidized rate, he/she will be asked to bring in a copy of their previous year’s notice of assessment from their income tax. 

Subsidized Residents
Residents who require subsidization may be entitled to financial assistance from one or more government programs. The Finance Office can assist the Resident in applying for any benefits to which they are entitled. All those aged 65 and older are entitled to Old Age Security (OAS). Additional benefits include: Guaranteed Annual Income Supplement Annual (GAINS) – Provincial and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)- Federal.

When a Resident rate is subsidized, the government ensures the availability of a monthly Comfort Allowance. 

Trust Allowance
Maxville Manor provides a Trust Account service to allow Residents access to spending money without keeping a large amount of cash in the room.

The Resident or Family member may decide to have bills forwarded directly to the Finance Office for payment from the Resident’s Trust Account. This service can be arranged upon admission.

Bills for Residents who do not choose to open a Trust Account are sent directly to the Resident or to the Power of Attorney (POA) for financial matters.

Pharmacy Charges
The government has a system of co-payment for drugs covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. When living in a facility such as Maxville Manor, the co-payment is $2 for each new or renewed prescription. This co-payment is billed monthly. These charges are included on your monthly invoice. 

If the physician orders a medication that is not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, the Resident must pay the full cost of the medication. Maxville Manor strives to ensure that most medications are covered by ODBP.

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