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Pet Visiting Policy

Pets can play a major role in the physical and mental health of residents. Pets offer unconditional love and friendship to residents. It is important to be sensitive to those who do not wish to have contact with pets. Consideration should also be given to residents and staff who have allergies.

In order for pets to visit, proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to the visit to the reception desk and the office manager will keep it on file. Proof of vaccinations must be provided annually.

All animals brought into the facility must be healthy, clean and groomed. They should be free of all external parasites.

The animal must be sociable, friendly, relaxed and unafraid of strangers. Under no circumstances should an animal visit if it is exhibiting growling, snapping, jumping up on people, barking and other aggressive tendencies.

Animals must be on a lead or in a cage and with the owner at all times. The owner is responsible to clean up any output from animals.

It is the owner's responsibility to have the animal familiarized with the variety mobility devices.

Pets are restricted from the laundry area, kitchen, dining rooms, kitchenettes, townsquare (when people are eating) and other food preparation areas where food is prepared or stored.

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