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Terms of Reference

Mission and Mandate:

 The Maxville Manor Family Council (FC) has been provided a mandate under the Fixing Long Term Care ACT 2021. Its mission is to improve the experience and care of residents of the Maxville Manor.

This is achieved by:

  • Advancement of resident engagement and resident-centered care in all aspects of Manor life
  • Providing a forum for families, residents, and the community to participate in quality improvement and information sharing
  • Knowledge transfer, assistance, information and advice to residents, family members of residents and persons of importance to residents
  • Advising the Manor of any concerns, commendations, or recommendations that Family Council has about the Operation of the Home
  • Review of key documents including inspection reports and satisfaction surveys
  • Encourage and support staff and volunteers who participate in delivery of programs
  • Enhancing communication amongst staff, families, residents, and the community
  • Exercise of any other powers provided for in the most current Long Term Care Homes Act and associated Regulations.

Accountability and reporting:

 The Manor Family Council communicates directly with the designated council liaison, with the Director of Care and other senior staff up to and including the Chief Executive Officer but acts independently as provided under legislation.

Members of council includes:

  • A Family Council Chair
  • Discretionary officers if the Council votes as such
  • Volunteers as required to support the duties of the Council (i.e., recording of minutes or to lead information sessions and other special initiatives undertaken by the Council)
  • For clarity, the Family Council Liaison, representatives from residents’ council, staff and management of the Manor may be invited to attend meetings but are NOT considered FC Council Members and may not vote

Term of the family council chair:

 The council may elect a chairperson for a term of two years to a maximum of four years (or two consecutive terms).

Family council chair will demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the current long term care homes act and in particular those sections governing the roles and responsibilities of the resident and family councils
  • Democratic leadership of and for the council
  • The ability to represent the collective voice of the council inside the Manor and in the community
  • A desire to work constructively with staff and other council members
  • Respect for differences, support, and inclusion toward all voices at the table

The family council chair will:

  • Call and chair meetings
  • Review and revise meeting minutes
  • Communicate with council members
  • Confer with the CEO and the leadership team on matters related to the councils work
  • Write an annual report summarizing the council’s activities during the calendar year
  • Represent and speak on behalf of the Manor Family Council as necessary
  • Represent the Manor Family Council with the Champlain Region Family Council Network and other long-term care, caregiver and advocacy organizations, as appropriate.

All members are expected to:

  • Participate in at least four meetings per year
  • Volunteer for projects and participate in initiatives between meetings
  • Inform the chair/staff liaison if they will miss a meeting

Term of members: 

Members are asked to commit to a term of not less than two years and may continue if their family member ceases to be a resident. There is no limit on how long a member can serve but all memberships are reviewed annually. Membership may be discontinued at the discretion of the Member or voted out by quorum of remaining members if a family member is no longer a resident.

If members have not attended three consecutive meetings or more without notifying the Family Council they will be assumed to have voluntarily resigned and become inactive past members.


 Three family council members are required to achieve minimum quorum.

Membership, minutes and recruitment: 

 A family member of a resident or a person of importance to a resident is entitled to be a member of the Family Council provided they are not the licensee, a member of staff or otherwise excluded under legislation.

Only members who have authorized their personal contact information to be released to the Family Council will directly receive personal invitations, agendas, minutes, updates, and information.

Additional members may be recruited via New Resident and Family briefings and information packages, word of mouth to family members who regularly visit the Manor, an open invitation in the resident and FC handbooks, a regular presence in the Family and Resident Newsletter and meeting minutes. The FC bulletin board, new member packages and handbooks all provide contact information for interested family members.

Family Council minutes of meetings will be posted to the Manor website and are public.

Members of family council shall:

  • Respect privacy and confidentiality in discussions
  • Work collaboratively with staff and council members to arrive at positive solutions
  • Provide constructive advice
  • Advocate for families and residents in general
  • Respect diverse opinions
  • Liaise with representatives of Resident’s Council


The licensee is required to provide the FC Council with such financial and other information and assistance as is provided for in the regulations. The FC does not hold bank accounts, raise or hold separate funding unless voted by quorum.


 Family Council is a volunteer led organization. No reimbursement or remuneration is provided for personal services.

Meeting frequency:

 Family Council will strive to meet bi-monthly, at least six times per year.

Decision making:

Family Council will strive for consensus and will use voting when there is no clear agreement.

Approved: Dec 15, 2022

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